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Heather Talarico wins Stormwater Management Award For Maple Shade!!!

Heather Talarico, Maple Shade's Clean Communities chairperson, received the 2024 NJ Clean

Communities Stormwater Management Award from the Board of Trustees of the NJ Clean

Communities Council for Maple Shade's Adopt A Drain program. The success of our Adopt A

Drain Program has been an integral part in enhancing stormwater litter abatement in Maple

Shade. Heather's commitment to advancing the Clean Communities objectives in Maple Shade

has been unmatched and the reward for her hard work is justly earned. Sustainable Maple

Shade thanks Heather Talarico for her continuing efforts to make our town more sustainable,

resilient, and beautiful. If you would like to learn more about our Adopt a Drain program or Adopt

a Drain near year, see the flier below.

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