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We've earned a New Nextrex Bench for Maple Shade!

Thanks to the hard work of everyone who has been dropping plastic off in the Nextrex bins, Sustainable Maple Shade has earned a new bench for the town.

After collecting more than 600 pounds of plastic film to be recycled, the company turned the film, which cannot be recycled normally in Burlington County, into a bench made of recycled plastic and sent it off to Sustainable. The bench will be placed in the town’s new community garden when it is finished, hopefully by the summer of 2024.

Sustainable isn’t stopping there. The group is requesting more bins to collect even more plastic film, which will be placed around town in locations such as the firehouse. The new bins will join the ones at Columbia Bank, 253 Main St., and the Municipal Building, 200 Stiles Ave. Things such as plastic wrap, amazon mailers and any plastic stretchy materials, can be placed in the bins, which are then collected by Sustainable volunteers, who transport it to the county recycling center and record the weight to be reported to Nextrex.

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